Preferred Provider Real Estate Counsel Program RFP

Request for Proposal

The University of California Office of the General Counsel (“OGC”) and the Offices of the Campus Counsel (collectively “UC Legal”) seek a limited number of preferred outside law firms to assist with recurring (“Core”) real estate transactional matters and counsel to assist with Ground Leasing, Public-Private Partnerships and other complex real estate transactions (“Special Projects”). The types of matters included in this Request For Proposals (“RFP”) are outlined below. The firms we ultimately select will be known as UC Legal “Preferred Real Estate Counsel” and will represent the University as part of the University’s ongoing effort to provide our faculty, staff, and students the highest quality facilities and ensure continued competitiveness in attracting the best and brightest in higher education.

Responses to Questions (pdf)

RFP Addendum 1 (pdf)

Real Estate RFP Guidelines (pdf)

UC Outside Billing Guidelines (pdf)