2022-24 Health Affairs, Research & Technology Law (HATL) Preferred Provider Panel Recruitment for University of California

UC Legal is conducting a Request for Proposals to select a limited number of preferred outside law firms to assist the University with health law, academic research, and cybersecurity/technology matters. These matters include health transactions, health and research investigations, reimbursement and regulatory advice, cybersecurity incident response and follow-up litigation, academic affairs, medical staff governance, healthcare operations, research and clinical trials, and information privacy. 

The purpose of this recruitment is to secure high-quality, cost-effective legal services from qualified law firms and attorneys who would be available for retention and assignment for individual matters across the University of California. 


Application materials are available below. Applications must be submitted through this Smartsheet form.  Please note that the deadline to upload applications to the form has been extended to 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Friday, December 3, 2021.  We strongly recommend reviewing the HATL Panel Application and preparing your responses before filling out the submission form in Smartsheet. Smartsheet does not have an option to save your progress through multiple sessions.

HATL Panel Recruitment Announcement (pdf)

HATL Panel Application (pdf)

Appendix A: HATL Master Retention (pdf)

HATL Panel FAQs (pdf)

2022-24 HATL Panel Extension to Dec 3 (pdf)