GLACIER Non-Resident Alien Tax Compliance Software

GLACIER is an online tax compliance system created by Arctic International, LLC, which is designed to allow campuses to efficiently and effectively collect information, make tax residency and income tax treaty determinations, manage paperwork, and maintain data. Campus administrators and foreign nationals can access GLACIER 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any web-accessed computer anywhere in the world. GLACIER is stored on the Arctic International servers so updates and enhancements are done automatically and thus UC’s IT support is not required. Each campus must purchase and pay its own GLACIER license, using the system-wide pricing schedule negotiated with Arctic International. The license size that a campus purchases is pre-determined based on the number of foreign nationals they anticipate each year.

GLACIER is designed to allow the foreign national to enter the majority of their information themselves which eliminates the need for excessive data entry by campus administrators. GLACIER also removes the burden of calculating substantial presence and interpreting tax treaty language from the campus administrator, reducing the risk of compliance issues down the road.

GLACIER completes the following forms when applicable:

  • Tax Summary Report
  • W-8 BEN
  • Form 8233
  • Tax Treaty Statement
  • W-9

GLACIER will also produce the year-end form 1042-S for reporting payments that were made to foreign employees and vendors. It also produces the Form 1042 that campuses file annually with the IRS.


GLACIER Tax Prep is a tax software which assists non-resident aliens in filing their annual Federal income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The foreign national is usually only required to answer a few questions concerning their time spent in the United States and any payments received. GLACIER Tax Prep will then determine which tax return form is required and inputs all of the information on the proper lines. The forms can then be printed, signed and mailed to the IRS by the non-resident alien. GLACIER Tax Prep is best used in conjunction with the GLACIER Nonresident Alien Software however, a campus can order both products or just one individually.

To log in to the GLACIER system, visit Arctic International, LLC.