Vote for 2019 OPSA Steering Committee

Sabrin Said

Administrator of Academic Services, Academics, UCDC

There are a few reasons why I am applying to be a member of the OP Staff Assembly Steering Committee. For starters, I believe this would provide a tremendous opportunity to serve as a liaison between my colleagues here at UCDC and those at UCOP. Often, being so far from the OP office, my colleagues and I feel disconnected from UCOP, but many of us are seeking the very items that OPSA advocates for -financial planning resources, education benefits, and onboarding support. While these resources have become available through the advocacy of the OPSA Steering Committee, I believe there is still work to be done to ensure that these allocated resources are accessible to all UCOP employees, particularly those not in Oakland.

In addition to my experience here at UCDC, I would be bringing my insight as a UC alum and a previous employee at UCLA. Over the years I have become quite familiar with the nuances of the UC system and the role of UCOP and I believe that would make me a valuable addition to the committee.

I recognize that UCDC makes up a small fraction of the UCOP employees, but our voice, in addition to all of those outside of Oakland, should be heard. I am personally stepping up because I believe this representation is important and would ultimately benefit us all.


Sujit Thapa

Policy and Program Analyst, Student Financial Support (Student Affairs)

Through my diverse academic, professional background and experience, I plan to bring new perspectives to continue to build on the work of the OP Staff Assembly Steering Committee to make OP a great place to work. Having served on the organizing team of the recently held ‘Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day” event at OP, I believe I will be a valuable member of the Committee to organize events at OP. As a member, I will listen to staff and work with the committee to bring relevant, interesting activities that will support staff’s career growth and work-life balance at the Office of the President


 Stacey McClain

Benefits Operations Associate, Benefits

I’d like to be a member of the OP Staff Assembly Steering Committee because I am a person who enjoys interacting with others. I feel it would be a good opportunity to become more involved here at the UCPath Center, while building relationships with other OPSA Committee members. I am an action oriented person by nature. I believe if you don’t take action to make something better than your standing in the way of change. I hope by becoming a member of the OPSA I will be able to help make positive changes at UCPath.



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