The University of California has extensive experience with a variety of privatized development projects (also known as Public Private Partnerships, PPP or P3) both on and off its property. A report summarizing these projects and presenting the key questions to be considered before proceeding with a privatized approach to project delivery is available from the link below.

The report has descriptions, flow charts and case studies for three types of privatized delivery approaches employed by the university: Ground Lease (Auxiliary Uses, i.e., income producing), Ground Lease-Leaseback (Programmatic Uses, i.e., used by the university in the furtherance of its mission), and Developer Build-to-Suit. Also provided below are descriptions and flow charts for two other privatized development techniques unique to the university setting: Donor Development and Space for Lease transactions.

Private public partnerships at the University of California June 15, 2013 PDF

June 15, 2013

Summary of PPP projects and benefits.

Donor development PDF

Definition, key terms, applications and constraints of donor-developed projects (aka gift-in-kind projects).

Donor development Flowchart PDF


Roles and responsibilities assumed by the university, donors and developers.

Space for lease PDF

Definition, key terms, applications, opportunities and constraints of space for lease projects with UC as ground lessor and facility tenant.

Space for lease Flowchart PDF


Responsibilities of the university and the ground lessee or facility landlord.