Chapter 4


4.1: Introduction

Real Estate Services Group (RESG) requests that, whenever possible, the parties use a University standard or minimum form agreement provided to the campuses. These forms have been reviewed and approved by RESG and approved as to legal form by the Office of the General Counsel (OGC).

In keeping with the Standing Orders and Bylaws, the campuses may, without further review, execute lease agreements written on University standard forms within their delegated authority to do so. However, the campuses may not execute any non-standard real estate forms or any University standard forms that have been materially modified, without prior approval by RESG, in consultation with OGC, regardless of the term or the amount of the initial year's rent.

4.2: Standard Lease Forms and Lease-related Forms

4.3: Licenses and Facility Use Agreements

Notes on completing, reviewing and approving the agreement forms in this section are included with each agreement, but should be deleted before sending the form to the other party.

4.4: Lease Agreement Description (The Regents as Tenant)

See the Standard Form Lease Agreement Description for an examination of the articles of the University's Standard Form Lease Agreement (The Regents as Tenant).