Campuses have been delegated the authority to negotiate easements granted over campus property or acquired to serve a campus property. Authority to approve and execute easements is detailed at the sites noted below. Any grant of easement on campus needs to be carefully coordinated among the campus offices responsible for real estate, planning and environmental review. Real Estate Services & Strategies (RESS) in the Office of the President is available to consult with the campuses on easement matters and process approval and execution of easements for which that authority has not been delegated.

For questions about UC easement practices, contact Julie Wong.

When to use a lease, license, or easement

Understand the differences between a lease of real property, a license and an easement, to help determine which one to use in a specific situation.

Grant of easement and agreement form DOC

Minimum UC grant of easement and agreement form - the regents as grantor.