UC Procurement Services All-Hands Meeting

Reconnecting to the UC Mission

As part of our continued efforts to deepen connections with campus communities, the UC Procurement Services group who reports to Bill Cooper, held its Winter All-Hands meeting at the recently renovated California Memorial Stadium at UC Berkeley. The stadium provided a perfect backdrop for hosting two panels, one comprised of administrators and the other of students, who shared their experiences with procurement. (By the way, if you ever find yourself at the Cal campus, the stadium is a must see).

The panels reinforced our support of UC’s mission of teaching, research and public service. Listening to the panels reminded us how the work we do on a systemwide basis impacts students and administrators in their campus settings.

Many attendees commented on how impressed they were with the students and how invigorated they felt after hearing the students’ perspectives. Their knowledge and passion was undeniably inspiring and contagious! The panel of administrators emphasized their enthusiasm in working with procurement and discussed opportunities to work more closely together.

So how do we use the wisdom of the panels to determine our next steps for systemwide Procurement? We agreed to continue seeking opportunities to connect with all campus communities in conventional and unconventional ways. Building bridges of inclusion and understanding will only contribute to our greater mission. 

All Hands Committee Members

Justin Sullivan, Scott Benson, Lesley Clark, Meagan Torres, Stephanie Lopez, Peter Ucovich

Student Panel at Procurement Services Winter All-Hands Meeting

Scott Benson facilitating the Cal student panel at the Winter All-Hands meeting