General Campus and Health Sciences FTE Enrollments by Campus - Actual

Enrollments reported below are full-time equivalent (FTE). Students are counted in terms of their proportion of a full-time instructional load. For undergraduates, a full-time instructional load is considered to be 45 quarter units or 30 semester units annually. For graduate students, a full-time instructional load is considered to be 36 quarter units or 24 semester units annually.

Enrollments in self-supporting graduate programs are excluded from these totals, but are included in the fall headcounts reported in the Information Center published online by the Office of the President.

The State began supporting summer education credential enrollments in summer 2000 at all UC campuses, and these enrollments are now reported as part of State-supported totals. In 2001-02, the State began supporting all UC-matriculated summer enrollment at the Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara campuses. In 2002-03 UC Davis also began receiving full summer support. In the tables below, from 2000-01 forward, full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment is displayed for State-supported summer and fall-winter-spring separately.