Department and unit locations


By Functional Area: Building Floor
Academic Affairs Division (The Provost's Office) Franklin 12th
Academic Personnel Franklin 11th
Academic Planning, Programs & Coordination Franklin 11th
Academic Senate Franklin 12th
Administrative Services Center (ASC) Franklin 6th
Agriculture and Natural Resources Franklin 10th
Budget and Capital Resources Franklin 6th
Building & Administrative Service Center (BASC) Franklin 6th, 7th
Business Operations Division Franklin 12th
Business Resource Center Franklin 9th
California Digital Library* 20th Street 4th
California Digital Library* Kaiser Center 7th
Capital Markets Finance Franklin 10th
Chief Financial Officer Division Franklin 10th
Communications (External Relations) Franklin 12th
Diversity and Engagement* Franklin 9th
Education Partnerships programs: MESA and GEAR UP Kaiser Center 7th
Endowment and Investment Accounting Services Kaiser Center 12th
Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services Franklin 5th
External Relations Division Franklin 12th
Financial Accounting Franklin 10th
Financial Services & Controls Franklin 10th
General Counsel Franklin 8th
Human Resources* Franklin 5th
Human Resources* Kaiser Center 5th, 6th, 12th
Information Technology Services* Franklin 7th
Information Technology Services:* Data Center Kaiser Center 3rd
Information Technology Services* 20th Street 3rd
Innovation Alliances & Services Franklin 5th
Institutional Advancement Franklin 7th
Institutional Research Franklin 11th
Issues Management, Policy Analysis & Coordination (IMPAC) Franklin 12th
Mail Services Franklin 6th
Natural Reserve System Franklin 6th
Office of Loan Programs Franklin 6th
Office of Research and Graduate Studies* Franklin 11th
Office of Research and Graduate Studies* Kaiser Center 6th
Office of Strategic Change Resources Franklin 7th
Office of the National Laboratories Broadway 21st
President's Executive Office Franklin 12th
Procurement Services Franklin 10th
Records Management Franklin 7th
Risk Services Franklin 10th
Secretary of the Regents Franklin 12th
Service Desk Franklin 7th
Student Affairs Franklin 9th
Treasurer's Office Broadway 21st
UC Health Broadway 14th
UC Press 155 Grand Ave. 4th
UCOP Budget Office Franklin 9th
UCOP Human Resources Franklin 6th
Voice Services Franklin 7th
Work Management Center (WMC) Franklin 6th

*Some departments have staff in more than one building.