A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or web-based technology platform designed to support delivery, management and tracking of learning events; ours is known as the UC Learning Center. The LMS software performs a variety of functions related to online and in-person training administration and provides additional tools that support career development, competency and talent management.

Pop-up blockers

Each course will launch in a new window, but a popup blocker may prevent this from occurring. In such cases, an alert will appear in your browser’s address bar. Within this alert you can unblock the popup and re-launch the course, or change your popup blocker settings to allow all future popups within the UC Learning Center site. You can also use the start button on the course’s launch page to bypass the popup blocker and re-launch the course.

Supported Platforms & Browsers

Desktop Browser

  • Edge Chromium 111.x*
  • Edge (Legacy) 44.x*
  • Firefox 111.x
  • Chrome 112.x

*The UCLC no longer supports any version of Internet Explorer (IE). The UCLC does not support Edge in Compatibility Mode.

Mac OSx
  • Safari 16.x

Tablet or Mobile with Native Browser

  • iPhone or iPad with iOS 15.x & 16.x or iPadOS 15.x or 16.x (Safari)
  • Android 11.x, 12.x & 13.x
  • Windows 10.x (Surface Pro & Laptops)

Tablet or Mobile with SumTotal App

  • iPhone iOS 15.x & 16.x or iPadOS 13.x or 14.x
  • Android 11.x, 12.x & 13.x
  • Windows 10.x (Surface Pro & Laptops)