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Project team


This year’s Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work day is sponsored by our Chief Operations Officer, Rachael Nava in partnership with the UCOP Staff Assembly (OPSA).


Project Sponsor

Rachael Nava
Executive Vice President - Chief Operating Officer
Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Event Lead

Candace Jones
E-mail:  Candace.Jones
Phone: (510) 987-0392


Operations Lead

Emma Sebastian
E-mail: Guillerma.Sebastian
Phone: (510) 587-6453

Rebecca Stanek-Rykoff
E-mail:  Rebecca.Stanek-Rykoff
Phone: (510) 587-6265

Event Support

Barbara Heilmann
E-mail: Barbara.Heilmann
Phone: (510) 987-9976

Darin Jensen
E-mail: Darin.Jensen
Phone: (510) 987-0589

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