Staff listing

Name Title Group
Adkison, Larry Senior Counsel Office of General Counsel
Ananthaswamy, Satish Senior Managing Director Asset Allocation, Real Estate, and Asia Investments
Bachher, Jagdeep Singh Chief Investment Officer/VP Investment Services
Byrd, William Client Officer, Facilities Support Investment Administration
Beheshti, Jo Investment Risk Management Officer Risk Management
Castro, Jim Director, Investment Transaction Services Investment Services
Chang, Lucy Investment Officer Private Equity Investments
Chiles, Sean Operations Analyst Public Investments
Chu, Andrea Operations Analyst Private Investments
Cunningham, Milkah Client Officer, Lead- Public and Private Investments Investment Administration
Dea, John Operations Manager Public Investments
Del Mundo, Richard
Senior Investment Data Analyst   Data Management and Analytics
Fong, Edmond Senior Managing Director Absolute Return
Garcia, Michael Operations Analyst Private Investments
Gazaway Jr., Floyd Operations Analyst Private Investments
Griggs, Emmitte Consultant Data Management and Analytics
Guimaraes, Arthur Chief Data and Operating Officer Investment Services and Real Estate
Huie, Craig Managing Director Private Credit
Hung, Nicole Sr. Investment Data Analyst Data Management and Analytics
Johnson, Diori Manager, Investment Administration Investment Services
Kaur, Navdeep Manager, Investment Compliance and Operational Risk Investment Services
Klein, Dianne Chief of Staff Investment Services
Li, Lin Client Officer, Public Investments Investment Administration
Lo, Tony Director Fixed Income
Luo, Jia Investment Officer Public Equity Investments
Lyons, Bradley Director Risk Management
MacDonald, Brian Investment Risk Management Officer Risk Management
MacDonald, Mark Investment Accountant Investment Transaction Services
Mendoza, Miguel Operations Analyst Private Investments
Mendoza, Rosario Client Officer, Reception & Public Investments Investment Administration
Merz, Marco Managing Director, Defined Contributions Products Investment Services
Nguyen, Vu Investment Data Manager Data Management and Analytics
O'Brien, Margaux
Investment Director, Public Equity Public Equity Investments
Ong, Byron Director Private Credit
Pulling, Wendy Director of ESG Integration Investment Services
Ritter, John Managing Director Real Assets Investments
Schroeder, David Managing Director Fixed Income
Scott, Martin Investment Analyst Investment Services
Staines, Aaron Director Fixed Income
Sterman, Steven Senior Managing Director Private Equity
Sullivan, Michael Sr. Investment Analyst Private Equity
Swett, Mike Director Fixed Income
Torres, Jesus Sr. Investment Analyst Private Equity
Tu, Chi Investment Performance Manager Data Management and Analytics
Walker Marvis Client Officer, Executive Support Investment Services
Webster, Matt Managing Director Private Equity
Woods, Trevor Operations Manager Private Investments
Yang, Yipei
Senior Investment Data Analyst Data Management and Analytics
Youngman, Jeffrey Director Private Equity
Zhang, Sharon Director Private Credit
Zhao, Yanni Financial Services Analyst Investment Services
Zhu, Jack Senior Investment Analyst Public Equity Investments