June 14, 1996


Dear Colleagues:

As you know, the Bylaws, Standing Orders, and a number of policies were revised recently to streamline The Regents' agenda to allow time for discussion of substantive policy issues. Among the new delegations to the President are the full authority 1) to establish and name endowed chairs and professorships and 2) to name University properties, programs, and facilities. The newly adopted policies are enclosed on Endowed Chairs and Professorships (Attachment A)* and on Naming (Attachment B).**

With regard to namings, the President, in 1993, delegated to the Chancellors, Laboratory Directors, and the Vice President--Agriculture and Natural Resources partial authority for namings within their jurisdiction, including streets and roads, portions of buildings, small outdoor areas and other minor properties, and single-campus programs. Currently, the President retains the authority for naming University land reserves, buildings, major centers of activities and other highly visible properties, and major or multicampus programs or facilities.

Since the proposals for chairs, professorships, and namings will no longer be prepared for The Regents' review, new procedures are in order for the submission of the proposals for the President's action.

For continuity with the long-standing practice for the preparation of Regents' items and for the ease of coordination with the same University officers who will continue to review these items for the President, I propose that the campuses employ the format developed for Regents' items when preparing future proposals for approval of chairs and professorships, and namings. Sample formats are enclosed for items dealing with (1) chairs and professorships (Attachment C), and (2) namings (Attachment D). Please note that, just as required for Regents' items, the President's items must include the donor- and/or campus-authorized statement about release to the public of information about the action, but the actual release of the information will be coordinated by the initiating campus. Also for each action item that involves a gift, the proposed item must continue to be accompanied by copies of the donor's gift correspondence.

The proposed Presidential action items should be submitted electronically to June Smith, Director, Development Policy and Administration. Supporting documentation may follow by mail or facsimile. The items will receive immediate attention and be coordinated with the interested officers as quickly as possible before being submitted to the President for approval. You have the option of designating an individual who will have the authority to submit approved campus proposals in the future. To simplify the submission process, a proposed item may be submitted without a cover letter if it is submitted by the duly authorized officer.

My office will compile information on the approved chairs, professorships, and namings for the periodic reports that have been requested by The Regents.

If members of your staff have questions about the new procedures, please have them call Ms. Smith. She can be reached at 510/987-9180.


William B. Baker
Vice President


President Atkinson
Members, President's Cabinet
Special Assistant Gardner
Assistant Vice President Switkes
Director Barber
Director J. B. Smith
Advancement Services Directors
(with Draft Chair Guidelines)

* See current policy.

** See current policy.