Erendira Estrada

GFI Fellow - Class of 2015

Undergraduate Student, Psychology
UC Merced


Evaluation of the Mobile Grocery in Merced County


This project evaluates the effects of Produce on the Go, a mobile grocery truck that seeks to address the lack of access to fresh foods in rural, low-income, Latino communities. The project pursues two goals, including: 1) describe the effects of the mobile grocery on consumers’ food purchasing and dietary behaviors, knowledge of nutrition, and attitudes toward healthy diets; and 2) describe barriers to healthy eating among Latinos in Merced County.

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Objective was to collect feedback about Produce on the Go; diet-related attitudes, beliefs, behaviors; barriers to eating healthfully; strategies to improve food access. We are currently in the process of thoroughly evaluating the outcome of this project.

Future Plans

After working on this fellowship project, my future plans include continuing to evaluate the barriers to healthy eating among Latinos and assess which type of communication method is best to propose possible interventions among Latinos.


A. Susana Ramírez, Lillian K. Diaz Rios and Nancy Young Bergman