The mission of the CFO Division is to provide leadership, operational oversight and system coordination of financial products and services for the UC community. We add value with accurate, insightful and timely information, analysis and solutions that promote informed decision-making.

Learn more about our vision, values, staff development opportunities, strategic goals, guiding principles and policies below.

    Mission, vision and values

    The guiding mission (what we do), vision (the future we want to create) and values (guardrails that keep us on track) for the office of the CFO.

    Strategic goals

    Our strategic goals: reexamine the day-to-day, showcase our value-add, engage with the customer, develop our staff and be action-oriented.

    Staff development

    Schedule of Town Halls and Lunch N' Learns to support the professional development of CFO staff.

    UCOP financial policy

    Finance Office guidance relating to financial accountability, financial management, data integrity and compliance.