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National Data Privacy Day – January 28, 2020

Many people are unaware of how their personal information is being used, collected, or shared in our digital society. Data Privacy Day aims to inspire dialogue and empower individuals and organizations to increase awareness and take action.

Data Privacy Month – January 28 - February 28, 2020

UC campuses are sponsoring data privacy awareness activities through February – see UC’s systemwide Data Privacy Month Events


What does Privacy mean at University of California?

In 1972, the People of the State of California voted to include privacy as an inalienable right in Article 1, Section 1, of the California Constitution. Two years shy of the 50th anniversary of this privacy milestone, California continues to lead the nation in thought and action on privacy. 2020 will see several new pieces of privacy legislation go into effect at a time when concern over data breaches, use of data tracking people’s behavior, and biometric surveillance technologies have become part of the national discourse.
The University of California has also long played its own part in privacy thought leadership – in its mission of teaching and research and as stewards of the public trust. Beyond compliance with the law, the University has adopted the UC Statement of Privacy Values and the UC Privacy Principles to guide its policy development, decision-making, and practices. These values are built on the recognition of the important role privacy plays in academic and intellectual freedom and on respect for members of the University community and our vast extended family.

Fundamentally, privacy is about trust. It is about control over one’s own space and data and the ability to conduct activities without concerns of or actual observation. As a member of the University of California, you need to be able to trust the University with information about yourself. Equally, you need to ensure the University is a trusted partner with others’ information.

Have a question about privacy? Talk to your campus privacy official! See UC Privacy Offices! They can provide you with information about laws and policies, give guidance on how to approach specific situations, or connect you to other campus offices as appropriate. And it’s a two-way street: your privacy official is always looking for good ideas on how to communicate opportunities and risks around privacy.

UC Data Privacy Month Events

Campus Privacy Page

Events & Resources

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

UC San Diego

  • January 28th, UC San Diego Information Practices Conference
  • February 11th, Love Data Week Talk “Data Privacy in 2020 – Looking Forward” in conjunction with the UC San Diego Library
  • February 13th, Privacy 101 Workshop @Rady
  • February TBD, GDPR Intensive
  • February TBD, “Your Online Privacy” workshop (student-centered)

UC Santa Barbara

  • Four information sessions on Implementation of Electronic Communications Policy (IECP) (may include IS-3) Dates TBD.
  • Student Event - Data Privacy Laws:  Know Your Rights (Feb. 5)
    • A short lecture and booths for learning how to protect privacy on common devices and interactions with the internet 
  • Social Media and Email Campaign throughout the month
  • Tabling at the Student Electronic Repair Pop-Up Event (date TBD)

UC Santa Cruz

  • Take Google Privacy & Security Checkup and survey to show how you “own your online presence,” in order to be entered into a giveaway (open until Feb 28th) for a chance to win $25 Amazon gift card!
  • Tuesday Newsday (all campus) article
  • Social Media messaging throughout the month

Other Privacy Day & Month 2020 Resources

UC Privacy Offices – Contact Information


Campus Privacy Official



UC Berkeley

Scott Seaborn


UC Davis

Minming Morri Wu


UC Irvine

Thea Bullock


UC Los Angeles

Kent Wada


UC Merced

Deborah Motton 


UC Riverside

Ian Harazduk


UC San Diego

Pegah K. Parsi


UC San Francisco

Mark Mayeda


UC Santa Barbara

Jennifer Lofthus

Kip Bates


UCSanta Cruz

Denise Dolezal



Robin Sanchez



Adam Stone




Noelle Vidal


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