Overview: Health sciences compliance

The University of California is committed to providing quality health care services, health professional training, and biomedical and behavioral research in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Over the years, UC’s health sciences clinical enterprise has implemented a number of policies and procedures to provide guidance regarding federal and state laws. The federal government now requires hospitals and academic medical centers to implement compliance programs in order to reduce fraud and abuse in today’s complex and highly regulated health care environment.

This section provides information about the UC Health Sciences Compliance Program, related UC policies, links to campus health sciences compliance and privacy websites, and other resources related to health sciences compliance within an academic medical center environment.

Program information

The documents below provide specific information about the UC Health Sciences Compliance Program. The purpose in developing the program is highlighted, the scope of the program and responsible parties are identified, and program activities are addressed. The information also includes a Code of Conduct and guidance about reporting suspected violations, investigations and audits, and corrective/disciplinary actions.