Campus Ethics and Compliance Officers

Location Contact
UC Berkeley Khira Griscavage, Associate Chancellor/Chief Operations Officer
UC Davis Wendi Delmendo, Chief Compliance Officer
UC Irvine Kirsten Quanbeck, Vice Chancellor - Equal Opportunity and Compliance
UC Los Angeles Mark Krause, Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Compliance and Audit Officer
UC Merced

Viola Kinsman, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

UC Riverside Kiersten Boyce, Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Compliance Officer
UC San Diego Judy Bruner, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
UC San Francisco Brian Smith, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer / Senior Associate Vice Chancellor -  Research
UC Santa Barbara Garry Mac Pherson, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services
UC Santa Cruz

Anna Finn, Associate Chancellor & Chief of Staff

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Theresa Triplett, Interim Director of Institutional Assurance & Integrity
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Brian Oatman, Interim Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
Robin Sanchez, Interim Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

Office of the President Alexander Bustamante, Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance & Audit Officer