Energy regulatory liaison

The unit works directly with staff of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and to some degree with the California Energy Commission (CEC). The interaction is required in order to help shape regulatory initiatives to conform to UC objectives. The relationship is expressly delegated to OP and has produced impressive results particularly with the CPUC to thwart utility rate proposals that were detrimental to our efforts. Ongoing discussions with CARB and the CEC ensure that our voice is heard. When regulatory measures are proposed, UC is generally encouraged to review and comment.

Legislative advice

The unit coordinates with IMPAC and the Sacramento-based State Governmental Relations staff to provide input on pending legislation that is pertinent to the energy realm. The unit is also active in proposing legislation that would enhance UC’s political and economic position. 

Utility liaison

The UC system is served by four major investor-owned utilities and several municipally-owned utilities — all of which have their own billing and service tariffs. This unit maintains a high-level management relationship with all utilities to ensure that UC interests are not compromised and indeed are taken into account when utility initiatives are formulated.