Energy Efficiency

UC’s carbon emissions and purchased utilities costs are affected by energy consumption levels, in addition to energy commodity procurement. UC has sought to mitigate rising purchased utilities costs and reduce its carbon footprint by aggressively managing energy consumption across buildings, supported by the Energy Services Unit. To drive ongoing efficiency improvements and emissions reductions, UC adopted an internal policy goal to reduce growth-adjusted energy use intensity by 2% each year. Associated efforts include installing energy monitoring and metering systems, retrofitting existing facilities infrastructure, implementing efficient lighting systems, and optimizing HVAC systems. This work has significant impacts at UC given the large number of highly energy-intensive buildings in the system, such as laboratories, medical centers, and other specialized research facilities. Successful energy efficiency and green building practices have reduced UC’s energy use intensity across its portfolio of buildings and resulted in more than $400 million in cumulative cost savings since 2010. 

More information on our energy efficiency performance and progress is available in UC’s Annual Sustainability Report.