Mexico Forest Restoration Offset Project

This pilot project works with landowners and communities in Querétaro, Mexico to support the reforestation of degraded lands and the development of an offset protocol for the University of California. Aside from increasing aboveground carbon stocks and building local capacity for offset programs, our project aims to restore and conserve local ecosystems and biodiversity, study potential local socio-economic benefits through the provision of ecosystem services and foster educational and research collaborations between the University of California and the Autonomous University of Querétaro. 

Please see the project website for more information and project updates. 

Project Lead/Key Members

Luz A. de Wit, Ph.D

Project Lead

Paulo Quadri, Ph.D

Project Lead

Lourdes Martínez, Ph. D Candidate

Project Lead

Project Staff:

María Haydee Fernández

Ricardo Vélez

Pablo Fernández


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