The CO2Concrete process directly converts carbon dioxide from power plants or other emitters into precast concrete and concrete masonry products (such as blocks and beams) that can be used for construction worldwide. This direct conversion bypasses any need for CO2 purification or enrichment that is endemic to nearly all other methods for absorbing CO2 smokestack emissions into concrete. The widespread adoption and use of conventional concrete by CO2Concrete would dramatically cut CO2 emissions resulting from the production of cement, the most CO2-intensive component of concrete, which presently accounts for nearly 9 % of annual global emissions. Due to its novel chemistry, CO2Concrete achieves unprecedented levels of CO2 uptake, resulting in a carbon intensity (CI) that is up to 65 % lower than that of conventional concrete. 


CO2Concrete can generate carbon offsets via the sequestration of carbon into CO2Concrete products and the overall avoidance of CO2 emissions associated with the manufacture of cement/concrete products. In order to integrate CO2Concrete products in the market, this pilot award supports a thorough analysis of the products performance metrics and compliance. Additionally, to inform the carbon offset methodology, a life-cycle analysis will be conducted. CO2Concrete products will be designed and used for upcoming UC construction projects which can generate offset credits that the UC system can claim.


Project Lead/ Key Members

Gaurav Sant

Project Director

Camly Tran

Project Manager

Dale Prentice

Project Team

Dante Simonetti

Project Team


Project Updates

The research is currently being tested at the National Carbon Capture Center in Wilsonville, AL using both coal and natural gas flue gas. The team has produced over 1500 green concrete blocks. 




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