Temporary UCOP Visitor Guidance

Guidance for Oakland, Riverside, Livermore, and Sacramento UCOP employees 
UCDC staff should follow local coronavirus guidance on the UC Washington Center website
Effective date: June 27, 2023

These protocols will be in effect until further notice for visitors attending a UCOP-sponsored event of 20 or more people (including support staff) and adjusted as needed to respond to evolving public health conditions. For questions, please email UCOP-COVID19-Response@ucop.edu.

Section 1:  Definitions

For the purpose of this protocol:

  • Business-related UCOP visitor: a visitor coming on-site for the purpose of doing business with UCOP, such as a meeting, UCOP-sponsored event, routine maintenance, or interview.
  • Non-business-related UCOP visitor: a visitor coming on-site for lunch or accompanying a UCOP employee for personal reasons, such as children, other relatives, or friends.
  • COVID-19 test: A COVID-19 antigen test approved under emergency use authorization by the FDA, includes tests provided by UCOP and those available widely at pharmacies and other retail locations.

Section 2:  Scope

  • All UCOP visitors must adhere to the protocols outlined in this document. If you have questions about which protocols to follow, please contact UCOP-COVID19-Response@ucop.edu.
  • UCOP employees are responsible for communicating with their visitors and ensuring compliance with UCOP COVID-19 protocols while the visitor is on-site.

Section 3:  Pre-entry requirements for all UCOP visitors

To enter a UCOP facility, visitors are required to:


Business-related visitors

Non-business-related visitors

Symmetry visitor management system (registered by UCOP employee)



UCOP Screen



COVID-19 Testing*

*if on-site for more than one hour

Optional unless attending UCOP-sponsored event anticipated to have 20 or more attendees (including support staff) — UCOP-provided test kit

Optional — personally-provided test kit


Not required

Not required


Not required to be in compliance with the systemwide Policy on Vaccination Programs

Not required to be in compliance with the systemwide Policy on Vaccination Programs

Physical distancing

Not required

Not required

For details on each of these requirements, see Sections 4 and 5.

Section 4:  Business-related UCOP visitor protocols

All business-related UCOP visitors are required to follow the protocols for UCOP-sponsored events. Meeting Organizers should refer to the temporary UCOP-sponsored event and meeting COVID-19 protocols for more information. Business-related visitors should contact the Meeting Organizer for guidance. 

Section 5:  Non-business-related UCOP visitor protocols

All UCOP non-business-related visitors are required to follow the below protocols to enter a UCOP facility.

  1. Building Access
    1. Each visitor must be entered in Symmetry by a UCOP employee to enter a UCOP facility.
  2. Masking:
    1. Masking is no longer required. Approved N95, KN95, and surgical masks are available at UCOP facilities for those that feel more comfortable masking.
  3. Health Screenings
    1. COVID-19 testing requirements:
      1. General testing requirements:
        1. Testing is optional for all visitors unless they are attending an event with an anticipated attendance of 20 or more attendees including support staff.
        2. Non-business-related visitors are not required to test but may test with a personally provided test if they wish to test.
        3. It is recommended that visitors test at home prior to traveling to a UCOP facility. Visitors may test with a personally provided test on-site at the designated testing area.
      2. On-site testing at UCOP facilities: Visit the UCOP COVID-19 Testing Program webpage for site-specific information about:
        1. On-site testing locations
        2. Actions to take by test result
    2. UCOP Screen health screening survey: Each visitor must complete the UCOP Screen Health Screening Survey or UCDC Screen Health Screening Survey to be granted entry to UCOP facilities. Adults may complete the survey on behalf of children, and should use the phone number for the responsible UCOP employee in the survey for positive case reporting purposes.
  4. Positive Case Reporting
    1. Reporting: In the instance of a positive case during or five days following a visit to a UCOP facility, the responsible UCOP employee must notify the UCOP Incident Report Team via email (UCOP-Incident-Report@ucop.edu), completing the UCOP Case and Contact Reporting Form, or by calling the hotline at 510-987-9991.
    2. Contact Tracing: It is not the responsibility of the visitor or UCOP employee to notify potential contacts of their confirmed positive case of COVID-19. The UCOP Incident Report Team will conduct contract tracing and notifications.


Appendix A: FAQs for UCOP staff and managers

Is proof of vaccine required for visitors?

UCOP does not require non-affiliates (visitors and non-covered vendors) to comply with the systemwide Policy on Vaccination Program, but they must follow all UCOP COVID-19 protocols, including testing and receiving a negative test result if attending a UCOP-sponsored event of 20 or more people (including support staff).

UCOP employees and UCOP contractors are required to comply with the systemwide Policy on Vaccination Program.

Am I allowed to bring my children or relatives on-site?

We understand that employees and their families may at times have unexpected gaps in childcare.  Generally, employees should work with their manager to determine whether working from home is possible instead of bringing children to the office.  If an employee has no other alternative, children are permitted on-site. 

No visitors including children may be on-site if they are ill and visitors must follow all UCOP COVID-19 protocols in Section 5. Children and/or relatives should conduct testing at home or on-site (in the designated testing area only) with personally provided tests.

My child is under five. Are they subject to any additional COVID-19 protocols?


How do I request entry for visitors?

UCOP employees must enter visitor information in Symmetry. For access to Symmetry, please contact the Work Management Center at building.services@ucop.edu