Facilities Asset Management and ICAMP

Facilities and Asset Management provides system-wide leadership, guidance, and support of facilities operations and asset management comprising more than 140 million square feet in over six thousand buildings, along with associated utility, infrastructure and grounds. 

Facilities and Asset Management leverages the University of California Facilities Manual (FM) - providing policies, procedures, and guidelines for facilities operations, and ICAMP, the Integrated Capital Asset Management Platform -containing consistent risk-prioritized asset replacement and renewal needs.

Integrated Capital Asset Management Program (ICAMP)

ICAMP Overview

Facility Operations


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Facilities Manual

The Facilities Manual contains University of California policies, procedures, and guidelines for its facilities.  The manual is based on Regents’ policy, federal and state laws, regulations, case law, and results of UC’s dispute resolution.  Areas include operations and administration, planning, design, construction contracting, and facilities management.

Facilities Operations at UC are guided by Chapter 6 of the Facilities Manual, which sets forth the goals of operation and maintenance of plant (OMP), the University’s policy on maintenance, and the different types of maintenance.