Overview and frequently asked questions

Reciprocal extension benefits for alumni

All UC Alumni Association members can now enjoy the opportunities for lifelong learning through most UC Extension classes, no matter what UC campus they attended. The Alumni Associations of the University of California is pleased to announce a new reciprocal benefits program for its alumni association members. The program is open to all UC alumni association members.

Members from most alumni associations can now take advantage of the discount program being offered on most UC campuses (except UCSF, which has no extension program). Discounts vary from campus to campus. However, as an example, if you are a UC Irvine alumnus living in the Bay Area, you can now register for classes through the Extension program at Berkeley and receive the same discount they offer Berkeley alumni members.

Currently, the UCLA discount is available to its association's life members only. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I join my alumni association?

Contact the alumni association for the campus where you received your degree.

What are the types of discounts currently being offered to alumni members?

They vary from campus to campus, but some campuses give 10% on one class per quarter while others give a flat amount. Please check with your alumni association for details. 

How is my alumni membership verified?

The easiest way for the Extension office to verify your alumni membership is to register in person. However, you can also fax a copy of your membership card to the extension offices. The Extension offices will confirm your membership status with the alumni association on that campus. The best advice is to check with your alumni association.

How often are the discounts offered?

That also varies from campus to campus, please check with your campus alumni association. 

If I am a member of a specific school alumni association (such as a school of engineering or medicine) but not a member of the campus alumni association, will I be eligible for this discount program?

No, you must join the campus alumni association to be able to take advantage of this benefit.