Cooperative Extension

Cooperative Extension is an off-campus applied research and educational arm of the University. It offers informal, noncredit instruction, information, and development of practical research applications in agriculture, family and consumer sciences, 4-H youth programs, environmental and natural resources, community resource development, and marine resources. Cooperative Extension provides a direct personal link between Californians and the University's research activities and public service responsibilities. Cooperative Extension operates on the basis of a cooperative arrangement between the United States Department of Agriculture, the University of California as a land-grant institution, and the local county governments of the State.

Cooperative Extension is a unit of the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources under the Office of the President of the University. County offices of Cooperative Extension are located in fifty-five of the counties of the State and are staffed by Cooperative Extension Advisors who hold academic appointments.

Cooperative Extension Specialists also hold academic appointments and are located on the Berkeley, Davis, and Riverside campuses as well as at the Kearney Agricultural Center in Fresno County. The Specialists provide linkages among faculty and other research staff at each campus location and County Advisors.

Cooperative Extension Advisors and Specialists conduct their applied research projects and educational programs with individuals, public and private organizations, industry groups, and governmental agencies. Programs are conducted through home and farm calls, group meetings, computer networks, and the use of print and other mass media.