Vote for 2017 Committee


Robert Cook

Robert Cook

Application Delivery Engineer, TDS

My name is Robert Cook, and I work in the TDS department as the Lead Application Delivery Engineer.  My professional background is in all levels of Information Technology.  I started at UCOP in the Service Desk formerly known as Tech Desk.  After working in the Tech Desk for about a year I moved on to the Windows Engineering team where I was a Windows Engineer and then a Sr. Windows Engineer.  My biggest accomplishment was introducing cloud technology to UCOP by leading the POC (Proof of Concept) of cloud services.  I had to work with several departments to get them up and running using this new service and to make sure that all their needs were met.  I also did several high level presentations to executives at UCOP to outline the benefits with this new service.  After 2 years UCOP approved this service to be implemented system wide to all users.  I recently joined the team that supports this service as the Lead Engineer.

I have served on the OPSA Steering committee since 2015 as the programs co-chair.  I have really enjoyed being a part of the Steering committee and hope to continue being a part of it.  I have had the opportunity to work with so many great people at UCOP and really enjoy serving on the steering committee.

If elected I will work to bring staff and administration closer together in order to make sure everyone feels like they are pursuing the same mission.  UCOP has gone through several re-orgs recently and we want to make sure that people feel like UCOP is headed in the right direction.  I feel like I can bring some fresh ideas to OPSA and have proven to be able to solve difficult problems when presented.

I think some of the pressing issues that OPSA can influence are breaking down barriers between departments through events that bring everyone together.  These events can be outside of your regular work atmosphere where people can get to know each other better.  Once those barriers are broken then people can feel more comfortable voicing mutual concerns and feel like their opinions are heard.  That is how I believe change happens.  I also think that being involved with the community we work in will help build relationships that will be beneficial to both UCOP and Oakland.

Matthew Leet

Matthew Leet

Franklin Building Chief Engineer, Building Services

Greetings! I am Matthew Leet, Franklin Building Chief Engineer and I’m responsible for the safe, secure and seamless operation and maintenance of facilities here at Franklin and elsewhere in the UCOP Oakland portfolio. I have been in the Franklin building since November 1st 2006, first as a Facilities Management contractor and from August 1st of 2010 as a UCOP Employee. As a member of the Building Services Group I have worked diligently to provide a comfortable and secure environment for my fellow UCOP Colleagues and have always sought to levy them enlightened efficiencies of operation with a strong emphasis on safety and sustainability. I am running for a third term on the OPSA Steering committee excited and optimistic about my ability to continue my efforts advocating for OP staff on a range of issues. As a member of the OPSA Steering Committee in the first year of my 1st term I served as Programs Coordinator bringing in guest speakers and presenters on a variety of subjects. In the second year of my 1st term I was one of two delegates to the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) providing an integral link between CUCSA and our local staff assembly. In my second term on the Steering Committee I served as a CUCSA delegate and was excited about to work on a number of issues facing OP staff including educational benefits, improved performance evaluations, career development opportunities, better succession planning and mid-career staff retention. An opportunity that I continue to be particularly excited to implement at OP which is working well at other campuses are sponsored scholarships for staff to allow them more opportunities for career development. For more information about my role on Staff Assembly please feel free to contact me at:

Mindy Matthews

Michelle (Mindy) Matthews

Exec. Asst., UCPath Center

UCPath Center started with 12 people in 4/2013.  Since then we’ve grown to over 180 FTEs.  We’ve had a “Connection Committee” for a couple of years and it’s grown as well.  The Committee hosts/plans the annual chili cookoff, salsa throwdown, Halloween costume contest, Cinco de Mayo pot luck, Take our Sons and Daughters to Work Day, among other things.  We have a book club and a recipe club.   Whatever affinity group the staff request, we try to accommodate. 

I’ve been leading this charge for a couple of years and I thought it’s time we joined OP Staff Assembly; not because OP and UCPC will mirror each other, but because we can share with each other.  Sharing Take our Sons and Daughters to Work Day 2017 was a nice success for both facilities. 

I can be a good representative for UCPC, having been involved and sometimes leading our culture building and Connection Committee since 4/1/2013.

Jeannette Ritchie

Jeannette Ritchie

eCOE Product Manager, Procurement Services

I would like to be a member of the Staff Assembly so that I can make a difference in the lives of my fellow OP team members. I enjoy interacting with others and making a work a great place to be.

What does this really mean?

We spend so much of our lives here at work, giving our all, sharing our energy, throwing it all on the table, and working hard to make University of California the great entity that it is. Work product and achievement can be challenging to keep up day after day, month after month, year after year. Staff Assembly is a time to pause, gather, reflect and honor each other. It is important to have collective joyous gatherings to subtly and overtly thank and inspire each other to keep going in the face of adversity and to stand tall to the challenges we face within our jobs every day. Ensuring our environment has a reverberating effect on our inner happiness, is supportive of our core foundation and values, and is a place where we can both recharging and inspire, is key to keeping us together. In order to be great we must feel great. In order to have a great team, we must want to be here! Helping ensure our work environment is a progressive and healthy place to thrive is paramount in the success of both our personal lives and our collective mission at OP. In order to maintain our reputation as the greatest research organization in the world, we must embody this greatness every day when we assume our roles and participate in the goals and objectives of University of California. Staff Assembly may seem inconsequential, but it has the potential to meet all of these objectives when the right group of people takes on the responsibility of inspiring others through periodic unifying activities.