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Supported Browsers

  • The online course may be viewed using Internet Explorer 6-9, Firefox 3-15, Safari 4-6, or Chrome 19-21
  • Officially supported browsers in the current version of the UC Learning Center are Internet Explorer 6-9, Firefox 3 and 4, and Safari 4.

Course Not Working

Pop-Up Blockers

Pop-up blockers must be disabled while taking the online course. To find out if your web browser is running a pop-up blocker, visit http://www.popuptest.com/popuptest1.html.

If you are having trouble getting the course to load or are seeing the message Online activity in progress even after you have turned off your pop-up blockers, then there is likely still some sort of blocker enabled.

Unfortunately, just disabling the browserís pop-up blocker will not always disable all blockers loaded on your machine. If you are using any type of toolbar search item such as AOL, Google or Yahoo, they have the tendency to enable their own version of a pop-up blocker. In addition, internet security suites such as Norton may have their own version of a popup blocker enabled as well.

Here is a link with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) addressing how to disable some of the common pop-up blocking programs:


You may also try the following:

In the email you received with the link to your training, hold down the Ctrl key (if you are on a PC) or the Apple key (if you are on a Mac) while clicking the link to the training course. This should disable your pop-up blocker settings for the course.


In Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, tabbed browsing is available. It is possible to set your Internet Options to open any pop-ups in a new tab in your current window, as opposed to a brand new window. If you have verified that all of your pop-up blockers are disabled, and you still see the message Online activity in progress your course may be launching in a tab behind the active page in the current window:

If you would like to change your Internet Options to open pop-ups in a new window, open the Tools menu in your IE browser, and select Internet Options:

In the General tab in the Internet Options dialog box, click the Settings button under the Tabs section:

In the Tabbed Browsing Settings dialog box, under the When a pop-up is encountered section, select Always open pop-ups in a new window, and then click OK.

Broken Links

Depending on your email client or your email configurations, the email you received with the link to your training may be displayed in plain text format even though it was sent in HTML format. As a result, the link to your online course may be separated into multiple lines, breaking the link. Please see below for examples of an intact link to the SHP course, and a link that was broken in its conversion to plain text:

Clicking on the broken link will result in a Page Cannot Be Found error like the following:

Font Size

Text Cutoff

Firefox and Safari users may experience cut off or missing text while completing the course. To resize the text in the course to make it readable, please try the following:

  • Firefox browser users on PCs: hold down the CTRL key and press the - (Minus Key) to reduce the font size while viewing the course. CTRL with the + (Plus key) will increase the font.
  • Firefox or Safari browser users on Macs: hold down the Apple key and the - (Minus key) to reduce the font size while viewing the course. Apple with the + (Plus key) will increase the font.

Completing the Course

Completing the Course in Multiple Sessions

Launch demo

Your online training course may be completed in more than one session. The course has a "bookmarking" feature, which will save your place should you need to leave the course and come back to it later. Once you are ready to continue with the course, simply open your course registration email and click on your personalized course link. Your course will open to the point where you previously left off.

Navigating through the Course

All pages within the training course are listed in the Table of Contents in the left-hand pane of the course player.

You may find that while you are completing the course, you want to review a page from a previous section. For example, if you are reading the Age Discrimination page in Module 4, and you wish to go back to review the page on Gender Discrimination in Module 2, simply click on the appropriate page title in the Table of Contents:

You may access any page within the course by clicking on the page title in the Table of Contents. Please keep in mind that all pages of the course must be viewed in order for the training to be considered complete.

Incomplete Items

Launch demo

All pages of the course must be viewed in order for the training to be considered complete. Once you have reached the end of the course, the final page of the training should look like this:

If any pages have been skipped in the course, the final page will tell you your completion percentage:

Clicking the Next arrow in the course player will bring up a window that will allow you to go back to the first incomplete page in the course:

Once you have viewed your incomplete page(s), you can go back to the last page of the course, and you should see the message Congratulations! You have reached the end of the learning activity.

Be sure to close out of the course in the manner described in the green box, by clicking the Next arrow button and clicking OK in the dialog box that opens to ensure you receive proper credit for your course.

Completion Confirmation

Once you have completed the course, a completion confirmation email will be sent to the email address we have on file in the system within a few minutes. You should print this confirmation email and keep it for your records, as it serves as official proof of your course completion.

Location Contacts

E-mail: learningcenter@berkeley.edu
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Staff Development and Professional Services
E-mail: sdps@ucdavis.edu
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E-mail: uclearningcenter@uci.edu (Campus and Medical Center)
Phone: (949) 824-2222, Option 1 (Campus)
Phone: (714) 456-8712 (Medical Center)
Los Angeles
E-mail: training@chr.ucla.edu (Campus)
E-mail: HRTraining@mednet.ucla.edu (Medical Center)
E-mail: hrtraining@ucmerced.edu
E-mail: helpdesk@ucmerced.edu (for computer and browser questions)
Office of the President
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E-mail: ucrlearning@ucr.edu
Santa Barbara
E-mail: HRTrain@hr.ucsb.edu
Santa Cruz
E-mail: learningcenter@ucsc.edu
For Computer and Browser Questions:
E-mail: help@ucsc.edu
Phone: (831) 459-4357
San Diego
E-mail: staffeducation@ucsd.edu  (Campus)
E-mail: myhscourses@ucsd.edu (Health Sciences/Health System)
San Francisco/Office of the President
E-mail: learning@ucsf.edu (Campus)
E-mail: LSTraining@ucsfmedctr.org (Medical Center)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
E-mail: UCLearningcenter@ucop.edu


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