UC in your district: Legislative district maps

114th Congress

Each year, we produce maps to help advocates and legislators understand how UC affects their constituents in California.

Internship opportunities

Get hands-on experience with the federal government and higher education. Learn more about FGR internships available to students from UC campuses.

UC experts

Policymakers and news media around the world value the expertise of UC scholars. These links identify academics who have useful insights and knowledge, and who are willing to work with journalists and policymakers.

UC and the National Labs

UC is involved in managing three U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories. Read more on the laboratories' contributions to health, national security, the environment and the community.

UC Washington Center Link

A multi-campus residential, instructional and research center located a short walk away from the White House that provides opportunities for UC students and faculty to study, research, work and live within the capital’s rich cultural, political and international heritage.

Alumni information

UC has an active alumni organization and network in the Washington, DC metro area.