Academic Conflict of Interest Coordinators

UC Berkeley Jyl Baldwin, Associate Director and Conflict of Interest Coordinator
UC Davis Craig Allison, Director of Research Compliance and Integrity
UC Irvine Nadia Wong, Conflict of Interest Administrator
UCLA Ann Pollack, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research
UC Merced Deborah Motton, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
UC Riverside Charles Greer, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Research Affairs
UC San Diego Jennifer Oh, Interim Director, Conflict of Interest
UC San Francisco Allison Kennon-Frink, Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee Coordinator 
UC Santa Barbara Bruce Hanley, Director, Research Compliance
UC Santa Cruz Caitlin Deck, Director, Office of Research Compliance Administration
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Meredith Montgomery, Research and Institutional Integrity Manager
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Kathleen Nolan, Contracts and Grants Director
Catherine Montano, Administrative Policies and Business Contracts Director and Conflict of Interest Coordinator
Office of the President Jeff Hall, Director, Research Policy Development