Replace an existing file

Applicable to: files and images | Skill level: easy

Goal: Replace a file or image already uploaded to your site.

Many UCOP departments manage documents — such as org charts, forms and contact lists — that need to be regularly refreshed or updated. The purpose and name of the file/document remains the same, but the content within it has changed.

In these cases, you should follow the steps below to overwrite the file in Cascade.


  1. Navigate to your file or image and select Edit.

  2. Scroll down to the Data section and use the File Upload tool to choose the file on your computer that you want to replace the existing one.

    When successfully uploaded, the text "Received file:" (followed by the file name and size) will appear above the Choose File button.

    File upload

  3. Update any needed metadata, e.g. date. The system name should stay the same, so as not to change the file's URL.

  4. Submit.

  5. For the new version of your file to appear online, it will have to be re-published.