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Waiving UC SHIP Coverage
UC SHIP May Be Your Best Bet
If You Want To Waive Coverage
Find More Info on Your SHC Website
Don’t Forget To Stay Covered
Good News: You Can Still Use the SHC

Waiving UC SHIP Coverage
University of California Regents requires that all registered UC students have medical insurance, which is why UC SHIP automatically covers all registered undergraduate and graduate students, including domestic and international students, and students in-absentia.

You can apply to waive enrollment in UC SHIP only if:

  • You have unrestricted access to a network primary care provider, network hospital and full, non-emergency medical and behavioral health care within reasonable distance of campus or your place of residence while attending school.
  • You already have a health plan that meets the University’s health insurance requirements, such as Medi-Cal/Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE/Military, Covered California or other U.S. federal or state exchange plan, a UC Employee Health Plan, an employer-sponsored group health plan, or individual health insurance plan.
  • Your coverage is currently active, AND you agree to keep health coverage throughout the entire academic year.

If you are an international student, you must ALSO meet additional criteria to waive coverage in UC SHIP.

For the full list of waiver criteria, read the UC-Sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) 2018–2019 Plan Year Waiver Criteria.

Note: You must re-apply to waive coverage each year.

UC SHIP May Be Your Best Bet
In most cases, UC SHIP is a better deal than public options, such as Covered California and Medi-Cal. It may even be a better deal than coverage under your parents’ health care plan. UC SHIP coverage meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) — including the individual mandate. UC SHIP coverage is equivalent to a Covered California Platinum plan, offered at the price of a Bronze plan.

Additionally, the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans offered through the ACA insurance marketplace — like Medi-Cal and Covered California — typically provide a lower level of benefits than you’ll receive through UC SHIP. You’ll pay higher deductibles and co-insurance, and have fewer doctors to choose from.

If You Want To Waive Coverage
You’ll find the waiver application and waiver periods on your campus’s student health center (SHC) website. You must complete a new application each academic year. Complete the application online during the fall, winter or spring waiver periods. Your waiver will be applied to the full academic year — or the remainder of the academic year, if you apply during the winter or spring terms.

If you waived UC SHIP enrollment in the fall, you do not need to complete another waiver application in the winter or spring term.

Find More Info on Your SHC Website
You can find waiver periods, waiver criteria, Q&A and forms on your campus's student health center (SHC) website. Registered students will be automatically enrolled in UC SHIP if a waiver application is not submitted by the deadline.

Don’t Forget To Stay Covered
You must keep your health insurance coverage throughout the academic year. UC SHIP may verify your enrollment status in this coverage at any time during the academic year.

Lose your health coverage? Simply contact your campus’s SHC to enroll in UC SHIP.

Good News: You Can Still Use The SHC
All students who pay full registration fees are entitled to use the SHC. But remember: The SHC does not directly bill insurance plans other than UC SHIP. If you waive UC SHIP enrollment and use the SHC, you will be personally responsible for paying for that care. Your charges will be billed to your student account or your campus may have the ability to receive credit card payments.

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