Get Involved! Join the UC SHIP Executive Oversight Board

Looking for ways to get more involved on campus? To make a difference in the health services offered on campus? You’ll do this and more as a representative to the UC SHIP Executive Oversight Board (EOB).

UC SHIP is funded and designed by the students it serves to offer quality, cost-effective health benefits. As members of the UC SHIP EOB, students join university administrators and staff in reviewing and evaluating the benefits UC SHIP offers and the plan’s financial performance. This shared governance structure ensures there is organized dialogue between students and administration about UC SHIP. Here’s how you can get involved.

Join the SHAC or student government on your campus

Your campus Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) advances student input on the health and counseling needs and the health services offered on your campus.

For each campus, one graduate and one undergraduate student representative to the UC SHIP EOB are selected by the SHAC and/or student government. As EOB members, student representatives review and vote annually on the UC SHIP benefits (including medical, pharmacy, dental, vision and behavioral health coverage) and meet each month during the academic year to review the financial performance of the plan. They also make recommendations about how to balance requests for new benefits and maintain affordable health plan costs for students.

EOB student representatives may receive stipends as compensation for participation on the EOB and its committees.

To learn more about the SHAC on your campus, including how to apply for membership, use the links or emails below.