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Pharmacy Coverage for UC Merced

Network Out-of-Network
OptumRx Pharmacies All Other Pharmacies
SEPARATE LIMITS ON YOUR OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS $3,000 individual/$6,000 family $6,000 individual/$12,000 family

Your share of prescription drug costs counts toward the combined medical/pharmacy annual out-of-pocket limit shown above.

UC SHIP Covers
Outpatient Prescription Drugs
  • 100% after $5 generic copay
  • 100% after $25 brand-name formulary copay, 30-day supply
  • 100% after $40 brand name non-formulary copay, 30-day supply
  • 100% after $40 specialty copay, 30-day supply

Note: 100% with no copay for FDA-approved generic and brand-name (when no generic equivalent is available). Oral contraceptives are covered for up to 180-day supply.

  • $5 generic copay
  • $25 brand-name formulary copay, 30-day supply
  • $40 brand name non-formulary copay, 30-day supply
  • $40 specialty copay, 30-day supply
You pay any amount above the OptumRx maximum allowed amount.