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Weigh Your Coverage Options Carefully
These articles from the New York Times and Denver Post help explain why it’s important to take time to compare all of your health care coverage options and choose the plan that’s best for you (or your student if you are a parent) based on your personal situation. Access to care, cost (both your premium and what you pay when you receive care), your health care needs, and convenience are all important factors to consider. Find out more about why UC SHIP may be your best bet.

Fraudulent Providers May Try to Contact You

We recently received information that non-UC providers have been contacting students under suspicious pretenses to obtain their UC SHIP membership information and then using their UC SHIP numbers to prescribe multiple medications to those students.

These providers/licensees have no affiliation or relationship with the University of California. They do not serve as clinical staff at UC medical centers or student health clinics.

We consider this matter fraud against our students and the University, and are taking every reasonable step to protect our students and the UC SHIP plan from this kind of abuse.

Find out more about this scheme, what UC SHIP is doing to protect you, and what you can do to protect yourself.