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My Dental Coverage

You can receive care at the dentist of your choice, but you will pay less by seeing Delta Dental PPO dentists. Plus, you get regular cleanings and check-ups with a Delta Dental PPO dentist for no cost. Check out this guide to help you get the most from your plan.

Three steps to getting dental care.

  1. Register for the Delta Dental app. To register, download the Delta Dental app (Apple) (Android) or go to the Delta Dental website. Select “Click here to register.”
  2. Find a dentist and estimate your costs. Once you register, you can select a dentist online from the Delta Dental PPO network, by phone through Delta Dental Customer Service at (800) 765-6003, or through the mobile app. You can also get a personalized estimate of how much you'll pay for your next dentist visit by using the Cost Estimator.

    Tip! Delta Dental has many different types of networks available, so be sure you select a dentist from the Delta Dental PPO network. If you go to a dentist belonging to another Delta Dental network like Delta Dental Premier, your costs will be higher.

    Note for UC Irvine and UC Riverside students: Your campus offers a convenient on-site dental clinic when you need dental care.

  3. Bring your ID card. You will need to show your Delta Dental ID card when you go for care. Download the DeltaDental app (Apple) (Android) or the StudentHealth app (Apple) (Android) so you will have your ID card with you wherever you bring your phone. You can also print a temporary ID card online, or order a permanent ID card replacement.

Your UC SHIP Dental Benefits
Delta Dental Preferred Provider (PPO) network pays a certain amount toward different types of treatments. Delta Dental PPO providers have agreed to that fee schedule, but out-of-network providers have not. If your out-of-network dentist charges more than what UC SHIP covers for your dental service, you will need to pay the difference. Find the complete details of the plan in Evidence of Coverage (English) (Spanish).

Delta Dental PPO Network Other Delta Dental Networks or Out-of-Network
Annual deductible

The amount you pay before UC SHIP begins paying for services

None for preventive and diagnostic services

$25 per person for other services

None for preventive and diagnostic services

$50 per person for other services

Annual benefit maximums

The most the plan will pay out over the coverage period.

$1,000 per member $750 per member
Note: Not to exceed a cumulative maximum of $1,000 each benefit year for in-network plus out-of-network dental benefits totaled
Fee schedule

The maximum amount Delta Dental will pay for a service, sometimes called a plan allowance.

Agreed-to Delta Dental PPO maximum allowed fee schedule You are responsible for the difference between the amount Delta Dental pays and the amount of your out-of-network dentist bills.*
UC SHIP Covers
Preventive and diagnostic services

Includes: Oral exams; cleanings (once every 6 months); X-rays (one bite-wing series within 12 months); fluoride treatment

100% 80%
Basic services

Includes: Fillings and extractions; composite fillings on back teeth; endodontics (root canal); periodontics; oral surgery; night guards

80% after you pay deductible 60% after you pay deductible
Major services

Includes: Prosthodontics; inlays/onlays; crowns and cast restorations; implants

70% after you pay deductible 40% after you pay deductible
Maxillofacial prosthetics Not covered Not covered
Orthodontics Not covered Not covered

Costs not covered by Delta Dental
For a complete list of dental plan exclusions and further details, check the full description of plan benefits, called Evidence of Coverage (English) (Spanish).