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Medical Coverage for UC Santa Barbara


You must get an SHC referral for care outside the SHC if you are within a 50-mile radius from campus, except for the following: emergency room care and visits to urgent care clinics, pediatric care, obstetrics services, gynecological care and LiveHealth Online virtual visits.

Outside the SHC
  • Your convenient, on-campus health home away from home

Network Providers

  • Providers/facilities in the Anthem Blue Cross Prudent Buyer PPO network, including UC Family medical centers, physicians and affiliated facilities and professional providers
Out-of-Network Providers
  • Any other health care provider/facility you choose; however, you are responsible for paying any expenses above the Anthem Blue Cross maximum allowed amount

Separate benefit-year deductibles
The amount you pay before UC SHIP pays for services

$0 $300 individual/$1,200 family

Separate limits on your out-of-pocket costs
If your medical and/or pharmacy expenses reach this amount, UC SHIP will pay 100% of your covered expenses for the rest of the plan year.

N/A Network Providers: $6,000 individual/$13,200 family

Out-of-Network Providers: $6,600 individual/$13,200 family

Includes deductibles, coinsurance, medical copays, and prescription copays
UC SHIP Covers

Office visits
Copay covers office visit only. Additional charges apply for other services, such as lab work. For details, see the Medical Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC).

100% Network Providers: 100% after $25 copay for primary care and specialty care, deductible waived

Out-of-Network Providers: 50% for primary and specialty care

Routine physicals/student adult preventive care

100% Network Providers: 100%, deductible waived

Out-of-Network Providers: 50%

Mental health and substance use disorder office visits 100% Network providers: 100%, deductible waived
LiveHealth Online: 100%, deductible waived

Out-of-Network Providers: 50%, no copay

Inpatient hospital care N/A Network Providers: 80%

Out-of-Network Providers: 50% after $500 copay

Urgent care N/A Network Providers: 100% after $25 copay, deductible waived
LiveHealth Online: 100%, deductible waived

Out-of-Network Providers: 50%, no copay

Emergency care (non-admission) N/A Network Providers: $200 copay

Out-of-Network Providers: $200 copay

Copay waived if you are admitted.

Pediatric dental and vision care

Up to age 19


Dental checkup: 100%; basic and major services 50%

Vision exam, frame (formulary) and standard lenses, and contact lenses: 100%