My Vision Coverage

Eye exams, frames, contacts — oh my! Vision care can be expensive. But it’s important to keep your eyes sharp. (You’ll need them for all that studying!) UC SHIP vision coverage, provided through Anthem Blue View Vision, can help you see clearly at a price you can afford.

Getting vision care

You have two options for getting vision care:

  1. Visit the student health center (SHC) Optometry Clinic. (Note: Optometry Clinics are available at the Davis, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and San Diego campuses.)
  2. Find an Anthem Blue View Vision Insight network provider. You can search by zip code or use your current location.

Tip! Before you say yes to your next purchase, check to see that it’s included—review the chart below or call Anthem Blue View Vision at (866) 940-8306.

Your UC SHIP vision benefits

Be sure to make the most of your coverage. UC SHIP covers a greater portion of your fees when you get exams, glasses or lenses from a provider in the Anthem Blue View Vision Insight network. You will find plan details in the Blue View Vision Plan booklet, available in English or in Spanish


Anthem Blue View Vision Insight Network


Routine eye exam (per benefit year)

$10 copay

100% after $49 exam allowance

Eyeglass frames (per benefit year)*

Select an eyeglass frame and receive the following allowance toward the purchase price.

80% after $120 frame allowance

100% after $50 frame allowance

Eyeglass lenses (standard)


Single lenses 

Bifocal lenses 

Trifocal lenses




$25 copay

$25 copay

$25 copay




100% after $35 lens allowance

100% after $49 lens allowance

100% after $74 lens allowance


Contact lens fitting and follow-up (Anthem Blue View Vision Insight Network only)**

Standard contact lens fitting 
Premium contact lens fitting 

A contact lens fitting and up to 2 follow-up visits are available to you after you’ve had a comprehensive eye exam.


100% after $55 lens allowance; receive a 10% discount


Not covered
Not covered 

Conventional lenses

100% after $120 lens allowance; receive a 15% discount on anything over $120

100% after $92 lens  allowance

Disposable lenses 

100% after $120 lens allowance

100% after $92 lens  allowance

* Contact lenses (per benefit year): Select an allowance toward the cost of a supply of contact lenses (instead of eyeglass lenses).

** In addition to the eye exam fee, there is typically a fee for fitting and evaluating the fit of the contact lenses. This will depend on the type of lenses (e.g., for astigmatism or no astigmatism, soft disposable or gas permeable, and the level of complexity). The fitting fee can range from $32 to $300.

Costs not covered by Anthem Blue View Vision

For further details and a list of vision plan benefits, check the Vision Plan Booklet on the Plan Documents page.