Periods of Coverage at UC Irvine

The UC Irvine periods of coverage follow the terms scheduled for the year. These dates are particularly important for non-registered students and dependents who choose to voluntarily enroll in UC SHIP. The voluntary enrollment period begins 30 days prior to the start date of the coverage period and ends 30 days after the start date of the coverage period. No voluntary enrollments will be accepted outside of the enrollment period.


Your student health medical insurance is administered by your local campus and is not part of UC SHIP.

To learn about the UC Irvine Undergraduate Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), your student health insurance at UC Irvine, visit the Student Health Center website.

Recent Grads

Your coverage continues after graduation until the day before the next academic term begins. If you graduate during spring term, your coverage continues through the summer until the day before the start of the next fall term.

You can purchase UC SHIP coverage for one additional coverage period (term), provided you were enrolled in UC SHIP during the coverage period in which you completed your degree and you enroll within 30 days from the date your coverage ends. To purchase coverage and submit an enrollment form, email Academic HealthPlans (AHP) or call (855) 427-3206 before the additional coverage period begins.