Implement workforce and staffing plans

Current Status  Updated May 2017

CSA due date is April 2020


Analysis Underway

Partially Implemented

Fully Implemented

Fully Implemented CSA Confirmed

Project Goals

  • Implement best practices for human resources workforce planning, including but not limited to CalHR, as part of a strategic plan for UCOP
  • Leverage input from stakeholders, including campuses and students, to assess current and future staffing and competency gaps
  • Implement a workforce planning strategy covering a 3-5 year period
  • Assess and evaluate workforce planning strategies annually against defined performance metrics

Plan Assumptions

  • Goals of workforce planning will encompass aligning staffing with strategic plans, increasing rigor in making staffing trade-offs to support strategic growth, and regularly review staffing levels and allocations
  • Workforce plans will align with divisional strategic plans
  • Strategic plans will incorporate input from campus and student stakeholders
  • UCOP will align workforce plans with the budgeting process to ensure proactive planning for talent needs
  • UCOP will continue practice of regularly reviewing programs and services

CSA Reporting Requirements and Milestones

By April 2018

  • Complete phase one of CalHR’s best practice workforce planning model by developing a strategic direction for its workforce plan.

By April 2019

  • Implement phase two of CalHR’s best practice workforce planning model by determining its current and future staffing and competency gaps. As part of this phase, the Office of the President should consider the input of stakeholders including campuses and students, regarding which elements of its organization are of critical importance and which elements it could potentially eliminate or downsize.

By April 2020

  • Implement phase three of CalHR’s best practice workforce planning model by presenting the final workforce plan to its staff and beginning its implementation by carrying out workforce planning strategies covering a three-to five-year period. The Office of the President should make its final workforce plan publically available.
  • Implement phase four and five of CalHR’s best practice workforce planning model by implementing its workforce plan strategies and annually evaluating the completed workforce plan strategies against defined performance indicators and revising the plan where necessary.

Workstream Milestones (preliminary)

1. CalHR consultation — engage CalHR for input and identification of examples of State agencies who have incorporated their planning model May, 2017
2. Stakeholder Analysis and Creation of cross functional workforce planning working group — identify key stakeholders and organize working group to support workstream July 31, 2017
3. Development of preliminary project plan and Timeline September 30, 2017
4. Conduct a best-practices analysis report outlining the key components of a workforce plan to include business objectives, alignment of talent, and analysis of internal and external labor markets December 15, 2017
5. Stakeholder input and recommendations — recommend, document, and implement the workforce planning process February 28, 2018
6. Implement workforce planning process — implement strategic direction of workforce planning April 2018
7. Implement phase 2 of workforce planning process — implement staffing (current and future state) and competency gap analysis April 2019
8. Implement phase 3 of workforce planning process — implement a strategic staffing plan for 3-5 year period April 2020
9. Implement annual review of workforce plans — evaluate performance of workforce plan and revise it as needed to meet business objectives April 2020