Set targets for leadership salary ranges

Project Goals

  • Continue careful annual review of Market Reference Zones (MRZs) for executive positions based on an evaluation and comparison of appropriate and relevant public and private sector pay data, indicative of the labor markets in which the University competes for talent.

Plan Assumptions

  • The MRZs are based on compensation data from relevant competitor institutions that reflect public and private sector pay data.
  • Annual reviews of the MRZs and current pay data allow the University to systematically administer and manage executive salaries in a manner competitive with relevant external market comparator groups, fostering appropriate internal consistency and facilitating budget control.
  • Per the July 2015 Budget Act, SB97, the annual reviews incorporate readily available compensation data from the State and other public sector employers into MRZs.

CSA Recommendations

  • Develop a method for weighing public and private sector pay data when establishing salaries for all positions.