Define systemwide initiatives and establish budget targets

Current Status  Updated May 2017

CSA due date is April 2020


Analysis Underway

Partially Implemented

Fully Implemented

Fully Implemented CSA Confirmed

Project Goals

  • To identify, manage, track and report on key initiatives which are sponsored by UCOP including systemwide and presidential initiatives.
  • Delineate between ongoing administrative costs and larger systemwide and presidential initiatives, and discuss definitions for ongoing clarity in preparing budgets.
  • Improve management reporting to drive better understanding of all project tracking and accountabilities.

Plan Assumptions

  • UCOP can distinguish and develop definitions for systemwide and Presidential initiatives.
  • Initiatives and tracking can be facilitated by current or future accounting systems, including project accounting and reporting.
  • Systemwide initiatives and presidential initiatives can be distinguished in accounting systems.
  • Appropriate budgets can be determined at annual and quarterly amounts.
  • Costs can be tracked at the UCOP level; however, costs incurred at campuses or funded directly by the campuses would be not be captured systematically.
  • Some systemwide and presidential initiatives are not mutually exclusive, and in those cases, categorization will be at the discretion of the President (or PEO).

CSA Reporting Requirements and Milestones

By April 2018

  • Develop and use a clear definition of systemwide initiatives and administration to ensure consistency in future budgets.
  • Develop a comprehensive list of systemwide initiatives and presidential initiatives, including their purpose and actual cost that will be used in the regents’ meeting previously recommended.

By April 2019

  • Establish spending targets for systemwide initiatives and administrative costs.
  • Publish the results of the review of systemwide and presidential initiatives, including any funds the Office of the President anticipates reallocating to the campuses.
  • Restructure budget and accounting systems to ensure that the costs of the Office of the President can be clearly tracked and reported annually. Specifically, the budget and accounting systems should be able to distinguish between systemwide initiatives, presidential initiatives, and administrative costs.

By April 2020

  • Publish its progress in meeting systemwide initiative and administrative cost targets publically.
  • Reallocate funds from the review of systemwide and presidential initiatives as well as any administrative cost savings to campuses.
  • Report to the regents on the amount of funds reallocated to campuses.

Workstream Milestones (preliminary)

1. Complete stakeholder analysis and form working group. July 2017
2. Draft proposed definitions of systemwide and presidential initiatives including defining specific criteria to qualify for a systemwide and presidential initiatives. Oct 2017
3. Test definitions and qualifiers by applying to all existing initiatives. Create draft summary and detailed report of all initiatives. Nov 2017
4. Develop a comprehensive list of all qualifying systemwide and presidential initiatives for the FY17-18 budget period. Document their purposes and costs. Document multi-year commitments and track future encumbrances based on existing funding agreements. Nov 2017
5. Review proposed definitions, qualifiers, and reports with senior leaders. Dec 2017
6. Review definitions and qualifiers with the President for her approval. Jan 2018
7. President’s definitions are reviewed and socialized with the Council of Chancellors (CoC) and subsequently the Vice Chancellors Planning & Budgets (VCPBs). Feb 2018
8. Update annually on a rolling basis to ensure all future obligations are tracked. Jan 2018
9. Present results of above to the Regents for approval based on their required level of detail. Mar 14-15 2018
10. Develop targets for systemwide initiatives based on historical spend analysis and other potential public sources, if available to set benchmarks. Mar 2019
11. Leverage existing project codes and accounting to enhance reporting of actual expenditures vs. budgets for initiatives; evaluate project accounting modules as part of any project to implement a new BDS tool. Mar 2019
12. Publish reports detailing performance and expenditures of systemwide and presidential initiatives. May 2019
13. Report progress related to systemwide initiatives and administrative costs. May 2020
14. UCOP will utilize any savings either by reducing the total amount of the assessment or by directing them to initiatives and programs that benefit the campuses and the system. Apr 2020
15. UCOP will periodically report on the financial impact of its review of systemwide and presidential initiatives at a frequency determined by the Regents. Apr 2020