Educational Pathways for Military Personnel

Webinar: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 Noon – 1:30 pm

by E. Gunnar Counselman, Founder and CEO Fidelis

Participation: via ReadyTalk or in person in the Franklin Building Lobby, UCOP

Note: About ten minutes before the Fidelis presentation ended on Wednesday, August 10, the phone power cord was accidentally bumped, causing the recording to stop abruptly. While the situation was immediately corrected, we did not resume the recording because that process would have interrupted the presentation. Listeners only missed a small portion of the question and answer session.

A vital and genuinely public service. Creating alternative educational pathways for in-service military personnel and veterans

Fidelis, a new education services company, is developing partnerships with elite US universities and colleges interested in expanding top-quality educational opportunities for a nationally important but historically under- or poorly served student population – America’s high-potential, active duty military members and recent veterans.

This presentation outlines the challenges that military service personnel face as they seek to gain admission to major universities and colleges, graduate with distinction and find fulfilling and productive roles in top companies. The webinar will also outline Fidelis’ novel and distinctive vision for how to help military personnel.

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