Adaptive Learning Technology in Higher Ed

Weibnar: Thursday, May 3, 2012 12-1:30pm

This webinar explores adaptive learning technology and its potential to transform the higher education landscape. Hosted by Knewton, creator of the Adaptive Learning PlatformTM, the discussion centers around:

  • The adaptive learning landscape: What are the differences between the various adaptive learning technologies currently in the marketplace? How is continuously adaptive technology -- which responds in real-time to an individual’s activity on the system -- different from other “adaptive” offerings?
  • Adaptive learning’s impact on the higher ed space: What results have higher ed institutions seen since implementing adaptive learning technology?
  • Adaptive learning as a remediation tool: How can adaptive technology prepare students for college-level courses and boost retention rates?
  • Adaptive learning for course authors: How can course authors harness the power of adaptive to personalize and enhance their educational content?

Presented by: Knewton