Technology principles

The following are principles that guide our team as we develop technological solutions:

  1. Innovation: We strive to create high quality and engaging learning experiences, working to put this project on the forefront of online technological production whenever possible.
  2. Open Source Path: We use open source solutions where ever possible, and we will work to partner with vendors who are willing to integrate closely with open source platforms.
  3. Re-Use of the Good: In striving for innovative approaches, we are working to retain what is good and useful about current online technology and course material.
  4. Accessible Solutions: We are building and adopting accessible solutions that will improve access for all learners.
  5. Transfer of Assets: We are focusing on creating both course content and technological tools that can be deployed and adapted readily in other systems.
  6. Learn As We Go: Throughout the project, we are framing our research to ascertain how well the students are learning, giving faculty the opportunity to make adjustments in their course material when needed so the lectures being given relate to students’ learning needs.
  7. Sharing: By working in a common environment, we are operating in a realm that is readily conducive to sharing among faculty, students and campuses. This approach offers an exciting potential for enhanced academic interchange that otherwise would be unlikely to occur.