Letter of Intent (LoI)

The Online Instruction Pilot Project chose the Letters of Intent approach for its application procedure for two principal reasons. First, it was a system that faculty were generally familiar with since LOIs are typically used when applying for grant funding. Secondly, the process recommended itself because it was a careful, targeted method of identifying faculty with the most compelling proposed courses.

UC Vice Provost Daniel Greenstein, who is director of the online project, said after conducting a nationwide survey of existing online programs, the project concluded that the LoI process would be a successful means of identifying what he termed “a coalition of the willing.’’

By that, Greenstein meant that the project was seeking faculty who understood they would be part of a start-up effort to offer UC courses of UC quality for full UC credit and to determine whether these courses could be integrated effectively into the UC undergraduate curriculum.

In response to the project’s call for LoIs late in 2010, 71 proposals were submitted by faculty. Of those, more than two dozen were selected in January 2011 and 26 are going forward with course development.