Faculty workshops

In February 2011, UC faculty selected to participate in the pilot project attended a two-day workshop in Berkeley with the project team. (Below are descriptions of the key documents distributed at the conference.)

The workshop included presentations on issues such as the evaluation and assessment framework, learning outcomes, academic quality and intellectual property. The schedule also allowed time for faculty to meet in small groups to further discuss issues and share ideas with each other and the instructional designers on staff.

In his remarks, Vice Provost Dan Greenstein, who leads the project, said the goal of the project was not to order up uniform courses but rather to help the faculty create courses that do a powerful job of conveying knowledge to students. He also said the project’s aim was to improve the caliber of online courses and to build a common learning environment that would make it easier for faculty to engage in cross-campus teaching collaborations and to help researchers who will meld data from different courses system-wide.

Workshop Materials