UC Online begins enrolling non-UC students



We are pleased to announce that we have begun marketing efforts to enroll qualified non-UC students in select UC Online courses in fall 2012. In addition, we are also rolling out four exciting new courses in the fall to UC students only. Read our internal announcement here. The newly launched marketing website can be found at www.uconline.edu.

These efforts represent an important milestone in the development of the UC Online program. While we continue to develop course offerings that serve students on our own campuses, we now move forward with the implementation of a program that can be financially self-sustaining and bring new revenue to departments by enrolling non-UC students in select courses. In the coming terms, we will be adding more courses to our catalogue of offerings to both UC and non-UC students.

UC Online’s aim is to build on and enhance rather than compete with other online efforts underway at the campus level.  As you may be aware, Berkeley has recently embarked upon a partnership with Harvard’s EDx to begin developing massive open online courses (MOOCs), and UCSF last week joined the Coursera effort with three courses.

MOOCs are an important development in the online environment, but their role and scope are different from that of UC Online. They do not offer academic credit while UC Online courses do.  UC Online courses are designed to provide a high level of scholarly interaction among students and instructors such as through online discussion sections, instructor feedback on assignments, and virtual office hours - something that has not been replicable at the large scale of the MOOCs. To learn more about how UC Online courses are distinct from the MOOCs being developed through EDx, Coursera and others, read here.

Leadership at UC Berkeley has affirmed the role of the EDx partnership as just one aspect of its online strategy. The campus remains committed to its role in UC Online and will continue to develop for-credit courses through the program, including two which it will be offering through UC Online in the fall.

Through both UC Online and MOOCs, the University can offer students new ways to access UC’s rich academic offerings as never before.

We are excited about this stage of development for the project as we develop new courses, create an even richer online learning environment and begin to bring in revenue that will enable us to meet our academic and financial commitments. We look forward to your continued involvement and support.

Warm regards,

Keith Williams

Interim Director, UC Online