As students' ways of learning evolve, UC is committed to bringing its century-long commitment to excellence and academic leadership to emerging realms of instruction.

UC Online seeks to meet a growing demand for innovative learning, while ensuring that classes taught online are as educationally robust and academically rigorous as any other class for UC credit.

Course List

A comprehensive list of courses supported by UCOE.

UC Online Education: Frequently asked questions

Basics about courses, funding and future direction.

Program Mission

UCOE's mission is to support initiatives that focus on meaningful uses of technology at the university.

Online Education at the University of California January 16, 2013 PDF

January 16, 2013

Report to Board of Regents

UC Online vs. MOOCs PDF

Chart comparing how UC Online courses compare to the massively open online courses being offered by Coursera, EdX and others.

UC Online program overview PDF

Overview of program goals and vision.